The one software your snowmobile organization needs

Mobile friendly and designed with snowmobile associations in mind SmarterTrails does it all. Whether you're a single club or an organization made up of multiple clubs Smarter Trails has the tools you need.

  • Mobile friendly and responsive layout for use on any device
  • Can easily be used by individual clubs or associations with multiple clubs
  • Stay connected – send email and text alerts to members and visitors
  • Easily publish information your visitors and members want
  • Save time and stay organized
  • No coding or "web guy" needed

Member Management

SmarterTrails makes member management a breeze. Keep track of club member's information and status without all the traditional hassle and paperwork.

  • Online enrollment and renewals
  • Allow members to pay dues online
  • Easily email members
  • Quick reporting of membership and dues information
  • Export membership data to send to sites like AWSC
  • You control membership types and fees

Meeting Minutes

Make keeping track of meetings as painless as a day on the trails with the first online minutes system designed with snowmobile organizations in mind.

  • Create and share your agendas before the meeting
  • Save your agendas as templates for future use
  • Meeting minutes are automatically published on the website once approved
  • You control who can view agendas and minutes – members only or public
  • Real-time meeting minutes entry makes the secretary's job a snap
  • No more lost minutes when someone's hard drive crashes or they leave the club

Unlimited Document & Content Storage

Tired of always wondering where club documents have gotten off to when you really need them? With unlimited document and content storage, it's easy to consolidate them all in one place.

  • Categorize and store all types of club documents and files
  • Upload the club's images to the cloud for easy distribution - or just peace of mind
  • Documents are always accessible by everyone who needs them
  • Control who has access to your documents
  • No hidden fees and no limits on server storage space

Manage Land Owners

At smarter trails, we understand that land owners are a vital resource for any snowmobile association. Our Land Owner management system stores everything you need to stay in touch with this critical element.

  • Keep track of land owners in one central location
  • Attach and store any relevant documents or agreements with their respective contact
  • Keep notes and a history of communications

Trail Conditions

Knowing when trails are open and if they're primed for a memorable expedition is what it's all about. SmarterTrails helps you, your members and your visitors stay informed on where things stand with a few quick taps on your computer or mobile device.

  • Keep your site up to date with current trail conditions
  • Easily attach photos to your trail reports
  • SmarterTrails can be configured to auto update other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Travel Wisconsin or even your local visitor's bureau
  • Report trail conditions at the club level or for the whole association
  • Members and visitors can sign up for notifications when trail conditions are updated

Visitor Info

Besides current trail conditions there's a whole set of information that is useful to visitors and SmarterTrails presents that information in a way that's most useful to snowmobilers.

  • Manage places by the services they offer – food & drink, lodging, parking, trail maps, helpful links, etc...
  • Clearly show what places are accessible by snowmobile
  • Map view or list view
  • Click to call feature allows visitors to call with one tap when visiting your site on a mobile device

Generate Additional Revenue

Let your SmarterTrails site generate additional revenue for your site. We know that generating revenue for your snowmobile organization is always a top priority that's why we designed Smarter Trails revenue sharing to be another opportunity for you to raise money.

  • Local advertisers and sponsors can sign up online, all you have to do is approve them
  • SmarterTrails provides convenient and intuitive tools to manage all your advertisers and sponsors not just website advertisers
  • Integrated analytics on all the places listed on your site gives you the data you need to turn that place into an advertiser!
  • Generate reports to show your advertisers just how often their ad was viewed and clicked making it easier than ever to get them to renew
  • Seamless integration between places and advertisers gives your advertisers top priority